NOTIONS is contemplating name change. NOTIONS is writing new songs. NOTIONS is opening for Love as Laughter 2/4 in Baltimore.


Cheri EP download out today!

We have a new EP out y'all! Notions cover 20/20's "Cheri" and 4 sweet remixes by our friends. FREE download. Thanks to Justin Fogleman, Jeremy Mendicino, Stephen 'Sven' Johnson, & Chris Moore. Merry Xmas from the Notions :)


Sept Shows with J-Roddy!

The Notions can't wait to trade hot licks with our friends J-Roddy Walston and the Business next month. Shows in MD, WV, and PA.


New Album out today!

How Do We Explode, the new Gary B & the Notions album is out today on Modern Hymnal! Quickest way to get it digitally or on compact disc is on our bandcamp:
Or our label's bandcamp:
Oh, vinyl soon!


2/3/2013, Sun.    6:00pm @ ???    Baltimore, MD

Secret Show
ask Gary at
Baltimore, Maryland 21201

w/ Chloe Sunshine (all girl surf pop)

2/4/2013, Mon.    8:00pm @ Galaxy Hut    Arlington, VA

Galaxy Hut
2711 Wilson Blvd
Arlington, Virginia 22201

w/ Chloe Sunshine (rock band from NYC)


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We'll Wait

We'll wait until you're done with that
'til we clear off your plates
The two of you look great together
Especially in the face
Well, just take your time
It'll all work out
And don't forget the tip

Three Horse Carousel

In the Wake Forest rain
I forgot your name
Take this umbrella from me
It is making me unable to see

In the late morning light
At the edge of sounding trite
I will take your wrists in my palms
And together we will sing all the Psalms

Hall & Oates

You bring good tidings to me
Then you dash 'em to pieces
This can't be wandering
If the wanderlust has lost all of its meaning
This can't be Baltimore in the Springtime
It's so cloudy and leafless
Just throw your bags in the car
April through March
I don't want to get stuck in this town

You swing like Notions through me
Then you smash 'em to pieces
This can't be wondering
If it clearly calls you day after day after
This can't be Baltimore in the nighttime
It's so dark and depleted
Just lay your worries on me annually

On the road
You know I can only do this with you
On the road and parking too
Get home get home

Oh, it's cold on the way back from New York
The moonlight frowns on every other town
Locked up in foreign ports
Way out of our sorts
It'll be easier to fight in the daytime

Oh, Oh, Oh…
The moonlight frames the sky for miles around
Hole up in foreign ports
It'll be easier to talk in the daytime


You walk in unannounced
No one is quick to pounce
But when a fire starts to burning in our eyes
You better watch out, girl
'cause there's a danger in this guy

But you're hardly worth giving a goddamn about
You're hardly worth breaking out a new twist and shout

Oh, the way these things they never work out
In the end

You can scout pound for pound
But when a fire starts to burning in our hearts
'cause it's so hard to break apart

Rhythm of the Weekend

And Intellectually finds
a way on through
another weekday
the traffic and the hassles of your job
and a way on through
another workday
There's nothing really out there new to find

Take all the rhythms over potholes in your day
Take all the rhythm away

They aren't out for you
They aren't here for you

It's the rhythm of the weekend, baby
And we won't be stuck here twice
And the beat's not quite paradise
Or will we
And Bubbling Up Through The Floor finds
Out drying on the lines
A way on through
another weeknight
There's nothing really calling from the pines

Take all the ribbing and the potshots in your day
Push all the joking aside

They aren't watching you

And intellectually finds
A way on through
another relay
There's nothing really out there but to apply with dues


Jenny, I'm sorry I let all your cats out
But you know they were aching to go
You say all you rock n' roll motherfuckers want to do is dance
And get out of control
and get out on the floor

Jenny, I'm sorry I leaked all your secrets
But you know they were aching to be told

Jenny, won't you meet me 'round the block
In the Summer when the girls are hot
'cause Jenny, your daddy don't care
about the hot-pants you're going to wear

Give Me One Reason

Just give me one reason, girl
And I'll wake you with a lullaby
And I'll buy your memoirs when I meant to say hi
Ain't it funny how wrong we are sometimes
Like the earth shining on the sun
Like kissing with intentions
Of just listening later

And I'll wake you with the headline of tomorrow's paper
Like recalling all the notions that have gone out of favor

Like marching to war
Not caring 'bout the poor
Like playing all your records when you know they're a bore

Cinched up dumb struck just lying on the floor
You got to hit me on the run, girl
Run down in your town just spending time indoors
But I don't want to spend my life
Just sleeping it away
And I'll say my greetings when I mean goodbye
Like kissing with intentions of just missing you later

Nation of 1-2

You say I'm a sucker for the morning time
'cause I write songs about the sunrise
and the birds chirping in time

But they're all about you
In our nation of 1-2
I can't get over how you
You say you want to write me
Can't you just tell me
Or show me

You say I'm a sucker for the midday sun
Well, I can't shake these circular burns
From staring down your eyes

Now it's all about you

Write me dearly
Tell me truly
Show me really
This is the part that builds up

Don't tell me I can't spell L-O-R-I-E-N
Don't tell me I can't spell L-O-V-I-N-G

You say I'm a sucker for dreaming under the moon
Well, it's kicking green in the sky
And I don't think I'll ever go home

Now it's all about double-knotted shoes


Sally, to love you
We'd have to think it all through
No more meeting at the bar
No more waiting for the car

Knowing there will never be
Another Mr. Gary B
And the rainfall will just have to stop
Waking my ass up at quarter to three

No more meeting at the show
No more hugs and kisses got to go

Let me talk to you now
No more eating Italian ice
Or ignoring our friends' advice

No more missing out on life
Or ignoring well-worn advice
Oh, Sally

The Exercise Song

I'll be there in the morning
After our night of hardy partying
Your eyes don't shimmer like they did in the club
Am I feigning this aloof
Or just faking this tough
We knew we had to wake up today sometime
But I don't know what to say to you

I'll be there when you're snoring
I'll be there when you're boring

New York Jet Set Garbage

We are the kids
But there's nothing we can do that has not been done already
But there's nothing we can sing that has not been sung already
Even if it doesn't make any sense to ya'

Hot hands
They serve it they serve it to ya'
They take it they take it to ya'

Just got to wait another minute for it, babe

Even the captions speak volumes
Even though I never spoke a foul word about you
Even the pictures come out fuzzy
No I'm not worried I'm not worried about my hubby
Even the diction comes out twisted
No I'm not worried I'm not worried about my sister

All around the world
There's nothing to do in Baltimore but get glued
It's got nothing to do with you
There's nothing to do but sit around in your glue

Landscapes & Skylines

Oh, the vivid letters you once wrote
You could almost hear the bottom of the boat
Scraping 'gainst the bottom of the creek
You used to drop one off every week

But when you stopped
Sending me those lines
I didn't know what to do with my time

Oh, the vivid letters you once sent
You could almost hear the owls above the tent
Asking me who in the hell
Really reads what they get in the mail

Oh, the vivid letters you once spoke
You could almost hear the words upon your throat
Killing me softly every night
With the landscapes and skylines you write
Oh, that you write